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I'm one of your old customers, having played with Warrior Clubs now for 6 plus years. I just shot my age with a full complement of Warrior Custom Golf equipment, specifically the Tomahawk series. Now 71 years old, I've played the game for nearly 60 years and currently hold a 9 handicap. But today I broke par 72 for the first time since 2002 with a 33/38 for a 71 to shoot my age at the Osprey Cove Golf Club in St. Marys, GA!

What an exciting game and it was played on a Men's Golf Association Tournament day in a Modified Stableford Quota golf format. With five birdies I surpassed my stroke quota by 15 strokes to take First Place honors for the day. Although there are a number of players in our club, including my golf buddy and wife, already playing with Warrior Custom Golf clubs, I expect this feat will generate a few more converts. Standby!

Thanks for a fine set of golf equipment!
-Gordon S.
I recently came in 2nd place in the Encinitas Ranch Men's Club - Poinsettia Cup. I won long drive both days. You're free to look up the results on the internet. I'm Greg. I use Warrior Woods - Thank you guys!
-Greg H.
I love these clubs. The first day they arrived I threw them in my bag and headed off to my weekly league play. I had 3 pars in 9 holes. That is a first. The irons are weighed so beautifully the ball just sails effortlessly. Second time I played with them I won KP and longest drive in a male dominated tourney.
-Allison G.